Short version : I am a painter from Sweden with a background in Fine Art, performance and composition, working  primarily in large scale, figurative painting.  

Long version:

I am AK von Malmborg, a painter and cross-disciplinary artist with a background in which  I have  utilized every medium there is from clay and bronze to symphony orchestra, electronic opera, performance and three full length albums.

My primary medium is large scale oil painting. Often, my main subject is the depiction of nude, pre-pubescent girls in harmony with nature.


 Their nudity is not sensationalised, nor does it invite or permit a gaze of concern, pity or objectification— my subjects stand proud in their autonomy, devoid of the need of adult interference. Rather they are in their ‘nakedness’ a place of total authenticity and naturalness with the painted world that forms and responds to them.


As a child I had the ability to speak with animals and trees. It was a natural and effortless spiritual connection to nature. My loneliness led me to the nature, and the nature led me to my power. This same feeling comes to me when I paint. Utilising large scale canvas’, I am able to project my own experiences of childhood into these girls with their animals. They look into themselves, as I did and back at the world through the eyes of their connected animal.


I hide secrets in my art. I weave in blessings. I want the energy transfer to work as a lucky charm. I only use the finest materials as my hope is to create works of art that continue their energy transference between subjects and viewer for centuries to come.

My process is highly intuitive and a multi-sensory experience. I allow myself to continuously revisit and edit the surface of the canvas, rather than adhering to traditional methods of paintings. As a consequence and visual testament of this organic approach, I reveal my impatient and playful temper.


The studio is situated on an island near Stockholm named Adelsö. The land was once home to the Swedish Vikings and Hilma af Klint. Rich with forest reserves and plentiful animals, it is sacred in both nature and history, influencing the otherworldly and spiritual nature of my work. 


It is my drive as an artist to prove ”the impossible” to be possible. I wish to inspire, to question the current ideas in society of such things as value, nakedness, girlhood. I oppose the idea that artists are in any way irresponsible or lazy. On the contrary I embrace exploring the uncertain path, because of what you know in your heart to be true, is one of the more responsible choices any human being can take. The choice to handle your life with care. Each person has a different way of helping others and making art is one. Managing to survive whilst doing so is not a game for the lazy, let me assure you. 


My studies include Bachelor Degree at Central Saint Martins (Full scholarship) London, (BFA fine art 4D pathway,) exchange program to Pratt Institute New York City as well as further training with the Marina Abramovic Institute. 


I love to invent things and hate asking for permission. For example I have previously: Started my own currency, crowned myself Hens Majestät of Sweden, (which would translate as a non-gender defined version of his/her Majesty), toured Europe with an electronic opera that I wrote together with a colleague, started my own record company an produced/performed/released tree full length records. I have wrote my own theatre-play and acted it - with  a  live symphony orchestra onstage (and sold out shows). I sold and executed 100 live art-performances in 2014 to fundraise the last music album release. I killed myself as a musician onstage at the Stockholm Music And Arts festival and rose again as a painting artist 2015. I have made mass-performance pieces where me and my fellow artist dressed 100 persons in London and 100 persons in New York in metal-spandex naked — uniforms, creating a "unisex uniform monument". And as an extention of that, I made a performance in which I wore nothing but a metal spandex bodysuit and shoes for three months in a row-what ever I was doing, including shopping bread for breakfast or flying cross-atlantic flights. Since 2014 my love for painting has taken over... everything.

And I want to take over the world.

Thank you for your attention 


Much Love


AK von Malmborg, October 2020



Marina Abramovic Institute

Cleaning the house ​

2002 - 2005

Central Saint Martins London

Bachelor of Fine Arts 



Pratt Institute New York 

Exchange studies BA Fine Arts


Stockholms Musikkonservatorium

Music & Composing

1996- 1997

Konstskolan i Stockholm

Fine Arts foundation

& Awards 

2014 STIM(The Swedish Performing Rights Society)    


2011 STIM(The Swedish Performing Rights Society)

2010 Konstnärsnämnden (Swedish Arts Council)

2009 STIM (The Swedish Performing Rights Society)

2008 Konstnärsnämnden (Swedish Arts Council)

2004 Beck ́s Futures student award 2nd place and exhibition at Institute of Contemporay Art, London

2004 STIM (The Swedish Performing Rights Society)

2003 Exchange studies program grant Pratt Institute New York

2002 Tuition fee grant covering three years Bachelor of Fine Art studies at Central Saint Martins London

Other collaborations:


Berghs School of Communication teaching creative process

SVT drama illustrations

SVT dokumentär illustrations

Dagens Nyheter illustrations

Sveriges Ungdomsråd  teaching creative process, prize design

Stiftelsen Ekskäret  teaching creative process

Manifest priset prize design

Kulturhuset Stockholm live painting

Naturskyddsföreningen live painting

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